Uhama Travel: Unveiling Africa's Irresistible Charms - Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Uhama Travel is a premier luxury travel company rooted in the captivating continent of Africa. Founded by Rashid Mirmohamed, our journey began with a profound passion for exploration and discovery. With offices in the USA, Kenya, and Uganda, we curate exceptional and bespoke adventures, unlocking Africa's wonders for adventurers worldwide. Our expertise ensures unforgettable experiences, merging luxury and adventure in the irresistible charm of Africa. Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Uhama Travel and create indelible memories that stand the test of time.

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Our Story

Uhama Travel traces its roots to the remarkable journey of Rashid Mirmohamed, a man whose life's trajectory was shaped by resilience and an unwavering love for travel. At 14, he fled Uganda with his family, igniting a spirit of wanderlust and appreciation for the freedom travel offers. Rashid's unexpected passion for ballroom dancing led him to establish Dance Studios across North America and Kenya. Organizing luxury trips for his students, he explored the world, deepening his bond with travel. This newfound passion inspired him to prioritize luxury travel experiences, culminating in Uhama Travel, offering bespoke adventures across the diverse wonders of Africa.

From its home in East Africa, Uhama Travel's reputation flourished as friends and family sought Rashid's expertise in creating personalized journeys. Now, with offices in the USA, Kenya, and Uganda, Rashid and his dedicated team share their love for Africa with global travelers. From golden savannahs to lush rainforests, Uhama Travel unveils the continent's irresistible charm, crafting memories that last a lifetime. With luxury seamlessly intertwining with adventure, every traveler embarks on a journey like no other, embracing the diverse beauty and culture of Africa Flowbite Logo